Friday, August 23, 2013

Which is your favorite cat and villain pairing? - Results

Our final poll, posted just before the announcement of the new IMDb poll was a TsarStepan suggestion.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld and his white Turkish Angora cat from From Russia with Love (1963), etc... - 9 votes, 47.37%
Dr. Claw and M.A.D. Cat from Inspector Gadget (1983) - 3 votes, 15.79%
Dr. Evil and his cat Mr. Bigglesworth from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997), etc... - 15.79%
Vito Corleone and The Cat from The Godfather (1972) - 2 votes, 10.53%
Lady Tremaine and Lucifer from Cinderella (1950 - 1 vote, 5.26%
Rattigan and his white cat Felicia from The Great Mouse Detectives (1986) - 1 vote, 5.26%

Q and white cat from Mighty Jack (1968)
Oda Nobunaga and his several cats from Ninja, A Band of Assassins (1962)
Auntie and her Persian cat from House (1977)
and Velma von Tussle and a white Persian from Hairspray (2007) got 0 votes.

A total of 19 votes were collected.

Thanks to everyone that voted on one, some or all of the polls we posted during this months. I'd like to think that this site played a part on bringing the IMDb poll back, now lets make sure we don't loss it again and lets vote over there on all the polls suggested by the IMDb users.

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