Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What are your feelings about Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor Who? - Results

Last week the official announcement about the identity of the new Doctor in the cult favorite series Doctor Who was made, and the chosen was actor Peter Capaldi. We asked you what were your feelings about this choice. The results were:

I'm happy, I think he is a great choice and a brilliant actor. - 100 votes, 57.47%
I'ts great to finally have an older Doctor Who. - 28 votes, 16.09%
I don't know who is Peter Capaldi, I'll have to wait and see. - 12 votes, 6.9%
I'm not a Doctor Who fan so I don't have an opinion. - 11 votes, 6.32%
I'm unhappy, I think he is the wrong choice. - 8 votes, 4.6%
I was hoping for someone else, but I'm Ok with him. - 6 votes, 3.45%
I'm afraid he may be too old for the role. - 5 votes, 2.87%
I don't think he should be Doctor Who because he has already played other character in the series. - 4 votes, 2.3%

So this shows Peter Capaldi will debut in his new role next december with a big support by the fans of this series.

This poll has broken our record of participation establishing a new mark of 174 votes.

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  1. The only Bad Doctor is The Last One Ever! The One who tried to take the Regenerations To Come in the Trial of a Time Lord.